Decorus Home Staging is proud to offer the following services


In Home Consultation

Not sure where to start? Our 2 hour in home, home readiness assessment will determine the marketability of your home for its upcoming sale. Clients will receive a booklet with our best recommendations and ideas for the entire house and an action plan on how to achieve those recommendations.   


Occupied showcasing

After a consultation and the agreed upon improvements have been completed, our team will use certain existing furnishings that have been identified to be used to highlight the homes best features.  In some cases, additional rented accessories will be brought in to enhance the showcasing. 


Vacant showcasing

After a complimentary walk through of the home, we will take into account the  architecture of the home and neighborhood and a design plan will be created and carefully chosen furniture and accessories will be brought in to showcase the homes best features and create that swoon worthy home buyers will want to buy!